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This Time I Mean It

Posted on Monday, October 31, 2016 by Charles Beynon
× Charles Beynon
[Photo: Dark-haired caucasian male, mid-thirties, wearing dark-rimmed eyeglasses]

Full Stack Developer mostly working in Rails. Recovering sysadmin. I like to dabble and tend to ramble. Don't say I didn't warn you ;D

About me

I’ve been working on this new Jekyll theme for the last few months, starting with Start Bootstrap’s “Bootstrap Clean” as a base and incorporating elements such as “Resume Cards”, more advanced blog and Jekyll features, typographic elements such as a consistent baseline and modular scale, and stylistic elements inspired by several popular news websites.

The result is nearing completion after a 3 month hiatus) and about ready for an official release. Check out the work-in-progress on Github.