On Simplicity

Posted on Sunday, April 2, 2017 by Charles Beynon
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Full Stack Developer mostly working in Rails. Recovering sysadmin. I like to dabble and tend to ramble. Don't say I didn't warn you ;D

About me

Over the past few years I’ve fallen into the habit of trying to start blogging regularly, only to fall into the same trap over and over. While I could rattle off the reasone, it really comes down to one thing: a lack of simplicity.

I get too caught up in the technical aspects of blogging, rather than the expressive act of writing in itself. Crafting the ‘perfect’ theme, tuning the css, implementing every feature I might possibly use some day. And as a perfectionist, I’m strongly acquainted with the notion that ‘the perfect is the enemy of the done,’ which I never seem to be. Hence, the oft-repeated failure to publish.

That’s why I’ve decided to take a step back and try something new. This time my theme will be simple: no extraneous features, certainly nothing implemented before I need it. No strong deviation from Bootstrap’s default typography; it’s well done as it is, especially with Bootstrap 4’s display headings, so why send time on type when I can spend time typing on what I’m passionate about?

I may release this Jekyll theme some day. Probably not until Bootstrap 4 hits a final release. Until then, I’m going to focus less on writing Jekyll and more on writing in Jekyll.

— Charles