About Me

Charles Beynon, Full Stack Developer


My name is Charles Beynon. I’m a full stack developer, science geek, and tech buff living in New York City. My blog contains my thoughts, ideas, and experiments in software, technology, science, and probably anything else I feel enthused enough to write about and published.

Prior to transitioning to development I spent close to ten years as a systems administrator and educator in a K-8 private school; before that I obtained an undergraduate degree in Mathematical Physics. I’ve been coding in some form or another for nearly twenty years; it’s just recently that I’m getting paid to code full-time.

Where does the name come from

Way back in high school (so the mid-to-late XXX0’s), when AOL Instant Messanger was the go-to communication tool, I had a problem. We had just switched from AOL to prodigy and I couldn’t transfer my old screen name to a free account. Having just competed on the county math team at state and national competitions (yes, I know…nerd), I had this awesome tee shirt with Euler’s Identity emblazoned on it. Thus my current online nom-de-plume eToThePiIPower was born.

Unfortunately, its a bit hard to spell, and sans serif fonts make it easily mistakable, so I simplified it a bit when choosing a domain name.