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Dependency Injection in Ruby

Dependency injection is a technique to decrease and make more explicit the coupling between two classes by moving a dependency from deep within the dependent class to its initializer.

On Simplicity

Over the past few years I’ve fallen into the habit of trying to start blogging regularly, only to fall into the same trap over and over. While I could rattle off the reasone, it really comes down to one thing: a lack of simplicity.

pgrep and pkill: A Better killall?

Just learned a new tool that has somehow escaped me the last 15 years. prep is a simple tool that lets you grep through the names of running processes, returning just the PIDs. pkill takes that a step further, killing the matched processes1. The cool thing is that both support tab-completion under zsh.

  1. A note of warning: pkill will kill processes that match only partially. So pkill Finder will kill Finder and FinderSynExt processes. Be careful! 

Resurrecting this Blog for NaNoWriMo

November is National Novel Writing Month, and I’m taking a novel1 approach to it (ha, get it? Never mind…)

  1. Or apparently not. Just did a quick internet search before posting this, and apparently NaBloPoMo is a thing. A thing that doesn’t roll off the tongue anywhere near as easily as NaNoWriMo. 

Spellcheck your Markdown in Vim

Vim comes built-in with a spell-checker as powerful as graphical text editors like Sublime and Atom, but it isn’t enabled by default because it generally isn’t handy when writing source code. It can be handy though when writing documentation, blog posts, or other in markdown (or your favorite documentation syntax).

Welcome to EulerPi

Hello, and welcome to my blog, EulerPi! I’m Charles, a software developer based in New York City. Since I already have a biography available, I’ll spare you the gory details about my life here and instead talk a bit about what I intend to make out of this blog.