Getting Started With Docker

Modular, Stackable, Interchangeable Software for Developers & Sysadmins

Speak to anybody working in DevOps today, and Docker will be one of the hot topics of interest. At its core, Docker is a modular, layered approach to vitalization that runs on top of a host system’s kernel while keeping guest processes and filesystems separated.

A quick hack for globally usable markdown links, with hacky comments!

Now that I’m starting to blog more frequently1, I’ve found myself wanting to link to common websites in my writing often. But looking up exact URLs and page titles (because I’m a perfectionist and I want the link title to match the page title) breaks me out of my writing pace. Having a common library of Markdown reference-style links would speed up my writing, reduce errors, and make me more likely to link where appropriate.

Is there an easy way to do it? Using the liquid include take, there is.2

  1. Though I haven’t kept the post-a-day rate I thought I could at the beginning of the month.

  2. Apologies throughout: I haven’t gotten markdown syntax highlighting to work with pygments, which is ironic given that Jekyll is based on Markdown.

Efficiently Counting Records in Rails

Why We Don't Use all.length

As a junior Rails developer, I’ve been analyzing some of the anti-patterns I and other junior developers have fallen into. One of the most common has been the misuse of .all in ActiveRecord, particularly when counting database records.

Counting seems easy, at least for small collections, and vanilla ruby provides multiple aliases to do it:

Simple REST API Testing and JSON Parsing from the Shell

Resty turns this:

curl -sLv  "" -X GET -b /path/to/cookie -c /path/to/cookie/jar "" "" "" \

into this

GET /conditions/q/NY/New_York.json

Testing an application with a REST API from the command line normally necessitates complex invocations of curl, especially when using verbs other than the basic GET. Resty is a tool by Micha Niskin that makes it a breeze.

For when just one title isn't enough

So I whipped up this quick modification to Michael Rose’ HPSTR Theme theme to add subtitles to pages and posts. Today I’m going through a brief example of Jekyll’s Liquid syntax, and also touching on SCSS.